John Waters takes his imagery for prints from stills of movies, both his and others. The images for "Drunk" are of Edith Massey in "Female Trouble," (Left) and Glenn Milstead, aka "Divine," in the cult classic, "Pink Flamingos," (Right)

Drunk, 1998
6-color photogravure      Edition of 40; XXXV
11 1/4 × 20 in       28.6 × 50.8 cm
Hand Signed By the Artist on Front: Presentation Proof 3/3

This six-color print "Drunk" is an historic achievement in the development of photogravure, traditionally a one-color medium for reasons of technical difficulty in registering of multi-plate impressions. Photogravure, an intaglio printing process, gives unique luminosity, texture and durability to photographic prints. In six-color printing, it allows for great richness, saturation and experimentation.
• Graphicstudio USF, Tampa, Florida

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